Well...so much for consistency.

How's THAT for keeping up a regular blog! What has it been, like, seven months? I guess that happens. Well, I'm shrugging the shoulders and moving on.

So, what's new? A lot of work. Work work and writing work. Being busy is a great feeling and I'm having a blast. Astronautica has finally come to completion and should be up on APECMX.com in a month or two. There have been a lot of great stories running on the U.F.O Anthology with some fantastic creators, including the guiding voice for all aspiring writers in Elton Pruitt. He was actually featured in a Newsarama interview along with APE Entertainment editor Troy Dye. It's a neat article and Astronautica gets some love with some featured art and a shout out near the end. It's neat to see something you've worked on mentioned on Newsarama. Here's the link:


So, writing stuff aside, I just wanted to throw my two cents in on some pop culture. I'm proud to say I'm a HUGE Conan O'Brien fan. From the Springfield Monorail to the string dance, the man makes me laugh harder than anything on this planet. But, what I love about Conan is his dedication to our generation. If you didn't get a chance to see his sign-off from NBC last Friday night, it was a heartfelt and inspiring farewell. It should come as no surprise that such inspiring words came from a comedian. The man is a genius.


And do yourself a favor. Check out his Harvard commencement speech. I would have killed to have had him speak at my college graduation. For God's sake, I had Elliot Spitzer.