It was a busy week of writing and I finally got to the one script I was really wanting to write; a short story featuring everyone's favorite ninja. I had this idea of Raphael patrolling this harbor and coming across a bunch of mob thugs holding a father and daughter hostage. Raph's a loner and I'd love to see a solo series of him running around dispensing gritty, vigilante justice across the 5 boroughs. This was a lot of fun to write and it felt great to finish it, like it was something I had been wanting to do for quite some time. By the way, this awesome piece of art is from artist Jeremy Roberts. I found the piece off of deviant Art and I couldn't resist posting it here. You can find the rest of his gallery right here:

Anyway, here's the script:

I had a great time seeing Inception last week. What a fantastic movie. I guess everything Nolan touches is gold because right now the man is on a serious hot streak. Like The Dark Knight, this movie is just a freight train that keeps moving full steam ahead to the climax. Just so well done. The soundtrack ain't half bad either. I've had the track Time running non-stop when I write.

So, this movie got me thinking. There are a lot of great heist flicks out there. So many to name. But, to me, my favorite of all time is Sneakers.

There is so much to love with this movie. The cast, the story, the soundtrack. But, above all else, it's cool to see this plan come together. And that's what you have here. If you've never seen it, check it out. What are some of your favorite heist films? I'd love to hear.