Cool Things

Ok, so this post is all about cool things that I can't get enough of right now. The biggest one being Superman Classic. This has been out for a week or so now and I might account for 1,000 of its views. Let me begin by saying I'm not the biggest Superman fan. I respect the character and the age that he was created for. But, to me, Superman just wasn't that cool today. That is, until a Disney animator named Robb Pratt made a one minute short about the Man of Steel. In that one minute, Superman has never been more interesting, iconic, or flat out cool. To me, this IS Superman. Exactly as he was intended to be. He's from another era, a much different America. Superman is every bit the 1930's and 40's. He is the hero of that time and Pratt understands this completely. He captures the essence of Superman in sixty seconds. Give this guy the choice to make any project he wants. He's earned it. If you haven't seen it, take a look. Not only is it cool, it has some of the best traditional animation I've seen in a long time.

Another cool thing out there right now is a comic called Icarus by Ryan Cody. Cody is known for some great art, including his run on Villains for Viper Comics. But, his writing is top-notch as well. He's a creator that can do it all right now and he's hitting his stride with Icarus. I'm not sure what he's got up his sleeve just yet, but you will find an original story that has more twists in one issue than you'll find anywhere else. Issue one is available for purchase over at Cody's site, Super75 Comics. He's a great talent and an even better guy. If you're looking for some great comics work, get behind this one.

And, finally, my favorite humor publication has hit television over at IFC. The Onion News Network. I'll leave you with this. Just funny as hell.