Bloggin Aint Easy

Man! I'm only a day in and I'm exhausted. My fingers really hurt. Maybe I'm not cut out for this writing thing. So, what's in the works you might ask? Well, a lot. Myth was a great success on Zuda Comics. We finished fifth (Not first. I got a big lecture on being a failure from friends and family. My fiance made me sleep in the car for a week) but it was a respectable fifth. The story was very close to my heart and was a year in the making. Myth has a fun and touching story to tell. There is no way it will end with this competition. There are all sorts of surprises, twists, and turns. Little Sam and his giant have quite the adventure ahead of them.

Right now, my attention is on a story that will be featured in an online anthology from APE Entertainment entitled Astronautica. It's a cool father and son tale that was so much fun to write. It's funny being a writer. Sometimes you have this grand idea for a story and you just go full tilt after it. The only problem is you're just not feeling it. No matter how many hours you work on it, it just doesn't feel right. Then, all of a sudden, a completely different story pops in, one you didn't even expect, and it pours onto the page effortlessly. That was Astronautica. It's a great opportunity and it's going to look amazing. Christopher Tupa is behind the art and he is doing a fantastic job. He's an incredible talent and such a good guy on top of everything else. Here's a link to his site:
Now all we need is a writer and we should be good to go!

There's also a cool little story that I did a while ago entitled Loose Ends. The art was done by the great Simone Guglielmini. It will be appearing in several European anthologies by the end of the year. Also, my first-ever comics story, A Simple Choice, will be appearing in Ronin Illustrated #4. Finally, a few other stories are taking shape. They're in their early stages but I'm having fun and that's the name of the game. So there you have it, folks. All and all I think that went pretty well. I'm going to ice my fingers and rehydrate now. Take it easy.


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