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It's an exciting time as Astronautica makes its debut at APE Entertainment. The story is updated every Thursday and Sunday right here at

So far we are on page two and there is a big adventure waiting for Bernard and his son. With the work that Christopher Tupa, Wade Webb, and E.T. Dollman did on this story, you are in for a real treat. Stay tuned!

I think a shout out to these three gentlemen is in order. I can't express enough what a great experience I had working with them. Their professionalism was at its highest at all times and made the whole process a real joy.

I don't know about you, but I love a good behind the scenes look. So, why not have an inside peak at the creation of Astronautica's first page, from script to final product? Without further ado, here is the evolution of a page.

Page 1: 4 panels

Panel 1: Wide angle shot of a military compound etched between two desert mountains at night. The facility lies in obscurity, far from prying eyes. A lone road leads toward a large granite compound that resembles a bunker. Several large hangars are scattered across a stretch of runway. Watchtowers are positioned strategically, giving guards unobstructed views for miles. Chain link fence encases the entire compound.

CAPTION: Classified Air Force Research Facility.

CAPTION: Green River, Utah.

Panel 2: Medium shot of a military lab as technicians in white lab suits work at various stations. We focus on two particular workers. Bernard and Dr. Wong. Bernard is in his mid-30’s and is a bit of a nerd. He has a tall, slender build and wears glasses that he’s probably had since college. His hair cut is certainly behind the times. The two men are both standing at a table littered with high-tech equipment. The lab itself is pristine. The walls are white with high ceilings and bright lighting.

DR. WONG: Bernard, now is not the time for this.

BERNARD: I know, doctor. But, I think I’ve redeemed myself these past few months.

BERNARD: I mean, everyone has an accident now and then. Don’t you think I’m ready for another chance at level four clearance?

Panel 3: Angle on Dr. Wong and Bernard.

DR. WONG: Bernard, no one questions your intelligence. That’s why they haven’t gotten rid of you yet.

DR. WONG: But, the Air Force doesn’t forget things like accidental explosions. Level four just isn’t an option anymore.

Panel 4: Close on a dejected Bernard. He looks down in defeat. It’s a sad, solitary image.

DR. WONG (Off-Panel): Now, I need you to run those numbers for me again. General wants an update at nineteen hundred hours.

BERNARD: Yes, sir.

So there you have it, folks! The evolution of a page. Be sure to check out future installments of From Script to Page as we go deeper into the story of Astronautica.


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