From Script to Page: Part 2

Welcome back to another installment of From Script to Page. Today we have a look at the making of page five for Astronautica. Enjoy!

Page 5: 4 panels

Panel 1: Wide angle shot of the same military compound.

No Copy.

Panel 2: Medium shot inside the same bright lab as Bernard helps Danny step out of a large gym bag.

DANNY: Geez! Why did I have to sit in that bag?

BERNARD: Shh. Low voice. No one can ever know you were here.

Panel 3: Angle on Bernard as he slides an access card into a security keypad.

DANNY (Off-Panel): So, where’s the secret?

BERNARD: Behind this door.

SFX: Ka-Chunk

Panel 4: Wide, low angle shot behind Bernard and Danny as the giant doors slide open to reveal a brilliant, gleaming aluminum flying saucer inside a massive hangar.

ELECTRONIC VOICE: Welcome, Dr. Wong.

DANNY: Holy cow…

BERNARD: Neat, huh?

DANNY: Who’s Dr. Wong?

BERNARD: My, uh, codename.

You can find the finished page five right here:

So, there you have it, folks. Another edition of From Script to Page.

Astronautica has ten pages left with a lot of adventure still to come. Don't forget, updates are every Sunday and Thursday. Be sure to check back here for more behind the scene looks.


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