Uncle Mike

Something incredible happened on April 30, 2010. My nephew was born and my world has been changed forever. It's been incredible watching my sister-in-law go through this experience, knowing that one day her son would be here. That there was this little man that would be right along side all of us for the rest of our lives. But, it's one thing to talk about it, to wonder what he will be like, look like, act like. All that dreaming is nice, but, I was not prepared for what that day would bring.

At the hospital, my wife and I joined the rest of the family in a small, warm waiting room where the only thing to read were pregnancy magazines with exposes on strange "devices" for feeding your baby. But besides the lack of reading material for guys, this hospital was something else. Truly awesome. The greatest part, besides the care, was that when ever a baby is born, a gentle, twinkling lullaby is played softly over the speakers through the entire hospital. Talk about a morale booster. Hospitals generally have this frightening aura around them. But being there for the opposite end of the spectrum, you see life full circle. It's nice.

So, there we were, waiting. The next time we heard that lovely music we knew the little guy would be with us. And that's what blew my mind in all of this. The lullaby played and this feeling of the world changing was undeniable. A new human had joined us all. He was here, right here with us. Man, life is so inspiring.


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