Snow, Baby. Snow.

So, they're predicting about 42,000 feet of snow on the east coast. I LOVE snow. I mean, absolutely love it. There's just something inside of me that gets all riled up like a kid on Christmas Eve when it snows. No, I don't ski. I actually don't do anything even remotely fun when it snows. I just love the view. Very peaceful.

I'm having a lot of fun exploring the many talents of Final Draft recently. The software is just loaded with cool stuff. I'm loving the customizable features that you can play around with. They actually make formatting a script a breeze. Speaking of format, that's something I've been pretty rigid about during my career. With Final Draft, I've actually gotten to play around with it a bit. For a new script that I completed for a contest at the awesome writing forum, I wrote the entire story in Final Draft. The format came out more like a screenplay then a comic script. But, I have to say, I was digging it. I've played around with a few more scripts and I'm contemplating making the permanent switch in format. Exciting, I know.

Now, something that has to do with story and sturcture. Sort of. I watched Zombieland the other day. Awesome. Laughed very hard and I loved the simple structure of it. Simple road trip movie with deep characters as they travel across the country discovering who they really are and double tapping some zombies along the way. I don't know why I'm talking about this. I think it's an excuse to talk about Bill Murray's cameo, which is the greatest in Motion Picture history. "I'm a terrible practical joker".


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